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Conference Proceedings : International Conference on The History of Nursing

Consociazione Nazionale delle Associazioni infermiere/i - Badan Organisasi

This occasion is a perfect example of what it means that a dream can become true. I first thought of staging an event in Florence to celebrate Miss Nightingale in 2010. I have been trying to involve the AAHN - American Association for the History of Nursing in 2007, in Yokohama (it was during an ICN Conference). At the International Perspectives in the History of Nursing Conference, held in September 2010, hosted by the Royal Holloway, University of London, at Egham, Surrey, I ended my presentation with an invitation to Florence. Following that Conference the European Association for the History of Nursing was born. In 2010, as CNAI, we succeeded in having our National Annual Conference and a special postmark. However, I did not succeeded in securing any international guests in 2010 as a celebration of Nightingale’s death, so in 2017 I started to think of a Conference celebrating her birth. That year, in fact, I was still CNAI President. With Anna (that is, Anna La Torre, Co-chair of the Conference. I would never thank her enough for her hard work especially in this last year! Thank you Anna!), with Anna we have shared the passion for the history of nursing and have done our best to involve as many people, organisations and institutions as possible in this project. This is not our usual job, and we have been supported by the Symposia staff (and I thank them too for their patient work). I do apologize for any inconvenient that some of you may have encountered in registration, in submitting abstracts or at any other stages of the process. I assure you that we have done our best to find a solution to each problem.

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Florence, Italy : Consociazione Nazionale delle Associazioni infermiere/i
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Rafael Marquez
Rafael Marquez
June 28, 2019
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Barbara Palson
May 17, 2019
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Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams
May 8, 2019
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